"Last Day of Summer" | Arosa, Switzerland
Last Day of Summer
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Lake Älplisee in Arosa in the canton of Graubünden is located at 2156m and is famous for its calm surface therefore it shows a perfect reflection of the surrounding mountains Aroser Rothorn (2980m), Älplihorn (3005m) and Tschirpen (2728m).It was a relatively easy 1,5h hike from Arosa with 17kg in my backpack. The idea was capturing the sunset, the Milky Way and the sunrise. Here is what I got. The weather was pretty ugly when I reached the lake, raining and 3°C. Luckily it stopped after a half an hour that I was able to capture the reflections of the mountains. Unfortunately there was no weather change in sight so I decided to walk back and put the sunrise on my 2do list for next time.

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Release: 14.09.2014
Category: #landscape